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The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada Student Electives website (“the Site”) is an online, bilingual service to facilitate the application and placement of visiting medical students applicants wishing to do undergraduate electives at one of the 17 faculties of medicine in Canada. Medical students may register to use the Site and create and save a profile for applications to the Visiting Elective.  This Site also enables the uploading, storing and sharing of documentation required for applications.  

  • I understand that I am responsible for knowing and understanding the requirements for Visiting Electives at each Medical School to which I am applying.
  • I understand that the Medical School is solely responsible for reviewing and accepting an application and that the use of this site does not guarantee any placement(s).
  • I understand that the Medical School may require additional Personal Information from me to complete my application.
  • I understand that I am responsible for monitoring the progress of each submitted application and I will respond to elective offers, and resolve scheduling conflicts, within the time allotted by the Medical School.
  • I understand and agree that any document or information to which I refer in connection with any Visiting Elective may be requested or consulted by my home Medical School or by the host Medical School as the case may be.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that all information required to complete my application is truthful, complete and correct.
  • I understand that if any information I provide contains evidence of academic dishonesty or is  determined to be false or misleading, concealed or withheld, or written by a third party, then The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada and the Medical Schools will be advised and that my registration to the Site or applications to visiting electives may be invalidated, that my home medical school may be notified, and I a may be subject to penalties and other consequences, as set forth in Medical School(s) policies or other regulations governing the discipline for academic and non-academic misconducts.
  • I understand that The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada shall not be held responsible or liable for the deletion, correction, destruction, damage, loss or failure to store my information.
  • I understand that I am solely responsible for keeping my Site user identification, login information and other registration information confidential and secure and that I will notify The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada immediately if I suspect any unauthorized access, use or disclosure.
  • I understand that my registration fees are non-refundable.
  • I authorize my home Medical School to release my Medical School transcript to each Medical School, (where required) to which I apply through the Site, for the sole purpose of considering my application to the Visiting Elective at the Medical School.
  • I authorize my host Medical School to release, to my home Medical School, my transcript and other Personal Information required to be informed of – or to assess – my academic and extra-curricular progress and performance.
  • I authorize my home Medical School to withdraw my applications in case of academic or other circumstances which preclude me from completing an away elective and that my home Medical School will notify me should my applications be withdrawn.
  • I authorize the collection, use, storage, sharing and releasing of de-identified data about my Site activity for research and analysis activities, or for any other internal purposes conducted by and within The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada or the medical schools.
  • I certify that my personal Information and documents I submit are true, complete and correct in all respects and that it is my responsibility to keep this information accurate at all times.
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The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada makes available information and other materials on this web site (“Materials”), subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing this site, you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in this legal notice. The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at its sole discretion by updating this posting. You should visit this page from time to time to review the then-current terms. Certain provisions of these terms may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages at this site.


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January 7th, 2022

Portal and Visiting Electives update

The AFMC Student Portal for visiting electives is currently closed. Visiting Electives for the Class of 2022 were suspended during the AFMC Board meeting on April 18, 2021. That includes electives for both Canadian and International students. The Undergraduate Deans of Canada’s medical schools are meeting on a regular basis and the decision to re-open the Portal will be made collaboratively and consistently across the country taking into account learning opportunities, provincial covid restrictions and other public health concerns.

We are working with our new Service Provider to build out the new visiting elective service portal. It will be ready when electives are offered again.

December 21, 2021

Portal Home page Upgrade

The AFMC Student Portal will be offline starting December 23, 2021. The refreshed portal will being rolling out in late February 2022.

For MCAT® Fee Assistance Program Applicants please verify eligibility and submit application through our AFMC website.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at